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We are providing superior Chauffeured Transportation Services Internationally that sets the Industry standard for knowledge, expertise and professionalism. It is easy to make claims about the quality of service within a single city that is directly control.

Spanning more than 500+ cities worldwide, our exclusive Global Transportation Management Network offers a consistent experience and unmatched duty of care across a broad portfolio of services including:

  • Chauffeured driven services for business and leisure travelers.
  • Transportation management solutions for corporate travel programs.
  • Logistics management for Meetings & Events, Road Shows, Private Aviation Ground, and Hotel Services.
  • Transportation technology and mobility services for online booking distribution platforms.
  • Preferred programs for travel advisors, event planners, and professional concierge.

Certified Professional Chauffeurs and a Fleet of Late-Model Vehicles Available Worldwide


The term “Duty of Care” has been adopted within the greater travel industry and used to refer narrowly to the safety and well-being of an individual traveler. We see Duty of Care as something more-something we take very seriously and a core part of how we do business. We define “Duty of Care” as our intrinsic responsibility to our customers, partners, employees, chauffeurs and community, to consistently deliver the highest level of service within a transparent framework of clearly published and measurable standards.

Standards that far exceed the minimum requirements set by any law or regulatory body. Standards that all our industry colleagues strive to meet, by an uncompromising system of internal and external audits that assure absolute accountability for the business we operate and the customer experience we provide.


Duty of Care begins with ensuring that all of our operations are synchronized under a single set of guidelines. To achieve this synchronization, we have established and published a set of clear, tangible, and quantifiable standards. We maintain a single comprehensive standard manual used by all of operations worldwide.

In this manual, we thoroughly lay out every aspect of our business in one place, from vehicle maintenance and chauffeur etiquette, to how to properly display the company services. The standards manual provides a consistent basis on which to measure our operations performance and the level of service we deliver.


Standards need to be implemented, measured, and ultimately enforced. We depend on our unique Global Transportation Management Network as the foundation for our system of governance that oversees and enforces the proper implementation and application of all our published standards. Each operation is subjected to the same audits, inspections and evaluations.

Should any operation fail to meet our published standard in any area, the local management team is immediately alerted and a plan is put in place to bring the deviation back into standard.


The most tangible aspect of our Duty of Care lies in the experience that every customer receives. From the moment you make a reservation to the point where you receive an invoice, our standard of service is on display for you. We are anticipating, orchestrating and fulfilling the needs of our customers at every point in the travel ribbon. Our standards for service far exceed any others in the industry.

Every detail is accounted for and anticipated by our standards. Nothing we do is left to chance. It is an easy task to speak about the customer experience in undefined platitudes, but much more challenging to quantify with facts and proof points. BostonAsapCoach’s commitment to a wider definition of Duty of Care, however, has led us to define clear standards by which we measure the efficacy of our service delivery and the quality of our customer experience to ensure that our clients receive superior service consistently across The BostonAsapCoach Network every time they travel.

The standards by which we measure our service include:

  • Punctual Service: BostonAsapCoach considers our chauffeurs on time only if they arrive fifteen minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up time.
  • Flexibility to adjust: BostonAsapCoach works with you when schedules change.
  • Beyond the Basics: BostonAsapCoach goes to great lengths to ensure a higher standard of cleanliness for our vehicles, and a higher level of professionalism for our chauffeurs.
  • No Detail Ignored: BostonAsapCoach offers complimentary WiFi and complimentary baggage greet (in most airports) We gather data on these standards through our Customer Service Monitor. After every trip a survey is sent via e-mail to the passenger. The survey measures customer satisfaction across key areas of service.

The results are tracked by the individual operation and published each month. This feedback is used to trigger management action into investigating and correcting the areas of customer dissatisfaction. Each operation must maintain a 99.5% customer satisfaction rating. This dedication to the standards that we have set for the customer experience is the baseline measure of our Duty of Care.

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