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Rewards Club is a company-sponsored loyalty program available in the United States and Worldwide for users of our client travel management Client Website / Mobile Application. The Rewards Club awards travel arrangers with Reward Points they earn and accrue on per trip basis.

Rewards Club is open to Travel Arrangers, Executive Administrators, Travel Agents, and anyone else who books our Service, for other through our Client Website / Mobile Application.

Program Information

  • Reward Points are awarded on a scaled system related to the Base Rate of the trip booked.
  • Earn 10 points for each ride you book
  • Earn 20 points for referring new travel arrangers to our Ground Transportation Services.
  • Each point is equivalent to $1.00 towards rides
  • Points are honored on rides in all locations and vehicles worldwide
  • New Rewards Club Members will be required to setup a login ID and password for Client Website / Mobile Application before enrolling in the Rewards Club.
  • Once enrolled, members will receive Reward Points for every Trip Reservation booked and fulfilled through our Client Website / Mobile Application.
  • Reward Points expire 2-calendar years from the date they are issued. Reward Points that are not redeemed within the 24-month time frame will expire and no longer be eligible for redemption.
  • Reward Points are valid for 90 days from issue date. Reservation must be booked within 90 days, trip can take place after 90 days.
  • Rewards Club Memberships will become deactivated if there are no bookings on a member’s account for one calendar year, measured from the point of the last online booking recorded. If a membership becomes deactivated, all unredeemed Reward Points within said account will be removed and the membership account balance reduced to zero.
  • For help with travel and rewards, call 800-960-0232. Our Redemption Specialists will be more than happy to assist members with questions or requests. For questions about Reward Points contact
  • Booker Rewards are not available for events reservations.

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