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BostonAsapCoach Support FAQs features a searchable database of frequently asked questions. Below you will find a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions about our Mobile Application. The order that the questions appear is determined by the frequency of the question asked. If you do not see the answer to your particular question in the first 5-10 entries, please access the support directory that will help you contact a live BostonAsapCoach representative to help with your inquiries.

The BostonAsapCoach Mobile Application is available for iOS in the APP STORE → and Android in GOOGLE PLAY →
Yes. The App does work in iOS.
Try shutting the app and logging back again. If problems persist, please call 800-960-0232 to book the reservation via our customer engagement center.
The BostonAsapCoach Mobile Application was designed to work best on both system the iOS and the Android. Any device using a different operating system will not run the application. Customers wanting a mobile experience that are currently excluded from running the mobile application, may visit, and use the mobile version of our website.
The BostonAsapCoach Mobile Application works as a booking application anywhere the user can connect to the internet. At this time, some of the support functionality, such as certain notifications, vehicle location GPS, and chauffeur information is limited to BostonAsapCoach-owned locations.
BostonAsapCoach Application users can book all standard BostonAsapCoach services via the mobile application. Including transfers, and as-directed services. Customers may also use the many support features of the application that include GPS vehicle tracking, chauffeur information, and numerous trip status notifications.
When the user has logged into the app with the remember me toggle turned on, exits the app, and then clicks on the app icon again within 60 minutes, the same screen will open from the same screen where the user clicked on the home button to exit the app.
When the user has logged into the app with the remember me toggle turned on, exits the app, and then clicks on the app icon again after 60 minutes then the login details are pre-populated with the password field masked with asterisk and user could login by simply swiping the login button.
If the user purposely logs out of the app then he/she would be required to enter the login details again and the login credentials will not be saved.
The locate chauffeur button will not display if the booked trip does not occur in a BostonAsapCoach city that supports this feature.
When the “locate chauffeur” button is displayed, it does so 15 minutes prior to the scheduled pickup time.
Upon visiting the home screen, a check is done to determine whether there are any reservations for which the locate chauffeur button should display. Otherwise the home screen is refreshed every two minutes.
If the user taps on the locate chauffeur button after the trip has ended (and the button has not yet been removed), the home page refreshes to remove the button.
The locate chauffeur map does not automatically refresh. The user must tap the refresh icon to view an updated location for the chauffeur.
If the page does not refresh or the vehicle is not tracking, the user should call BostonAsapCoach’s Customer Engagement Center, 800-960-0232.
Websites: You can create a your profile by visiting navigating to the top right corner of your screen and choosing “register” from the options provided. Follow the prompts by filling out the information fields provided and within minutes you have created a your profile with BostonAsapCoach. Make certain you know your bostonAsapCoach account number to assure that your profile is linked to your company’s BostonAsapCoach account.
Mobile Apps: You can also create your profile via the BostonAsapCoach Mobile application. Simply download the mobile app and register yourself as a user. Make certain you know your BostonAsapCoach account number to assure that your profile is linked to your company’s BostonAsapCoach account.
Important note: For passengers who also have an arranger or travel agent booking travel for them, they may already have a profile created in our system. If this is the case, upon registering, our system will notify the user if a profile has already been created and will prompt the user to re-set his or her password.

We hope this mobile Application FAQs clarifies and answered most of the commonly asked questions.

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