Direct Bill Account Application

Thank you for your interest in establishing a Direct Bill Account with BostonAsapCoach for chauffeured ground transportation travel services. Our direct bill account allows you to consolidate your accounting, by booking all rides for all company employees under one account number and one monthly statement.

Please note that all transportation services booked to a Direct Bill Account will be invoiced monthly, and all payments are due upon receipt of the invoice. Payments can be made Electronically, by US Mail or via monthly Credit Card charge.

Direct Billing Account Application


    Tell us about your Organization

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    Tell us about your Company and yourself

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    Accounts Payable Contact Information

    Bank Reference

    Trade Reference One

    Note: Landlords, utilities, and other ground transportation companies are not accepted.

    Trade Reference Two

    Note: Landlords, utilities, and other ground transportation companies are not accepted.

    Trade Reference Three

    Note: Landlords, utilities, and other ground transportation companies are not accepted.

    • Applicant authorizes all credit references, banks and credit reporting agencies to disclose to BostonAsapCoach all pertinent information concerning the financial and credit history of the applicant.

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    Credit Card on File (required)


    Signature on File Authorization

    • I hereby authorize my signature to be on file with BostonAsapCoach for the purpose of monthly charging transportation services on my credit card for my and/or Guest use and/or Company Business Travel. I authorized the associated credit card company designated above to accept this form as in lieu of my Personal signature appearing on credit card receipt for transportation services rendered.

    E-Signature of Approver

    • Please note that approver must be authorized user of the above listed Credit Card. By typing your name, you are authorizing BostonAsapCoach to charge above listed Credit Card for Monthly Payments.

    Payment Options

    BostonAsapCoach offers the following Payment options:

    • Payments can be made by ACH deposit electronically or by US mail eash month.

    • Payments can be applied to a single Credit Card at the end of each month

    Terms of Payment

    • Invoices are due upon receipt. A late fee of 2% per month will be added to all invoices that have not paid within thirty (30) days after the invoice is received. In case of errors or questions with regards to your invoice, BostonAsapCoach must hear from you within 3 weeks of receiving the invoice in writing, on which a specific issue has appeared. You may withhold the payment on the amount in question while we are investigating the charge(s). You remain obliged to pay any part of the invoice that is not in question including any late fee.

    • In the event of your account is outstanding in excess of sixty (60) days, it will be considered as a delinquent or in default. BostonAsapCoach reserves the right to place accounts that are determined to be delinquent or in default on credit hold and charge the Credit Card on File for the balance owed, including any late fee. Additionally, if a Credit Card on File is inactive, expired, or for other reason is not charged the outstanding balance owed, BostonAsapCoach reserves the right to initiate a collection proceeding on such accounts. BostonAsapCoach will collect any and all attorney's fees, collection expenses, and court costs incurred by BostonAsapCoach in its effort to collect the outstanding balance owed. Additionally, BostonAsapCoach reserves the right to convert all overdue accounts to a credit card only status for the service provided in the future.

    • By signing this Direct Bill Account Application, you agree to the terms of this application, and consent to BostonAsapCoach contacting the credit references listed herein.

    E-Signature of Approver

    • Please note that approver must be an officer or authorized agent legally able to bind the Company.

    • By typing your name in the box above and submitting this application electronically, you are authorizing BostonAsapCoach to verify the above information, contact your bank and other trade references, research your credit history including Dunne & Bradstreet inquiry and provide information about our credit experience with you. You are also agreeing to our Payment Terms & Conditions.

    Title of Approver

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    By continuing you have read and agree to our PRIVACY POLICY → and TERMS & CONDITIONS →

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